Friday, June 30, 2006

And Two Stars From Me

No spoilers contained, but some vague plot details. So, I saw Superman Returns yesterday. Bit of a big ol' meh for me although I can see why it would get good reviews. Last week I saw Poseidon which got crappy reviews, and indeed it was stupid and not a patch on the original, but I enjoyed it more than this. If you haven't seen the first two S-Man films, like me, since you were six I advise brushing up on the lore because otherwise you will be left scratching your head at some details. You can get kryptonite from Ethiopia??? I thought it came from Krypton!! -- I had to spend half an hour on Wikipedia finding out why that made sense.

And boy, that Lois is one dull broad. Humourless, annoying, selfish and dull, dull, dull. Clark, what part of "she's a bitch and not worthy of you" do you not understand? Get over it! She treats her boyfriend badly and blithely puts her son in mortal danger and god she is DULL! Speaking of the son, that whole subplot is creepy and no one seems to care about Lois's poor bloke. The film reaches mightily for emotional depth but to me fell flat. Cartoonish, but in the bad way. Nice But Ineffectual Boyfriend is played by James Marsden who I believe plays a similar role in the X-Men movies. He's with Jean Gray but can't realy compete with the awesomeness of Wolverine. Now he has to compete with Super-freaking-man. Poor James.

But Brandon Routh is pretty good.

Nice to see Eva Marie Saint in action though, if only briefly, on her Tamworth farm. If you haven't seen North By Northwest, you simply must.

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