Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Latest Hobby

Meg and Mr Snerg bought Mouse and I a little tin pop-pop boat when they were in Darwin last. What's a pop-pop boat? Check out the pop-pop pages!

Mouse had bought me a similar one from Gowings a couple of years back. The Gowings boat is from a Chinese factory while the other one is Indian and completely hand made, even the metal tubes look hand rolled.

The hand made Indian boat leaves the other one for dead and makes and enourmous racket while the little machine guns move up and down in time with the popping noise.

Meg & Snerg's gift on the right. Left is one Mouse bought from Gowings.

Well, I was intrugued by the new toy and, after some web surfing I found this:

Now, that is just too cool! Looking around I found some articles on how to build the boats and settled on this for a first project.

I've got as far as the engine coil which I fired up this evening. It seems to work a treat! It actually shakes you hand as you hold it while it's running and, unlike the pop-pop boats that have a built in clicker, it's absolutely silent.

Engine coil with pop-pop boats for size comparison.

But this is just the begining. If the technology scales up, and wee Jasper doesn't have other ideas, I'm planning to have a pop-pop powered dingy for the next messing about in boats.

Scaling up the pop-pop engine with pop-pop toys for size comparison.

And next, the pop-pop luxury Yacht!

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