Sunday, June 04, 2006

BreastRocket from Planet 9

BreastRocket to Ground Control, seeking permission to land...

this is The Dinghy's grand obsession: the light fitting in our dining room. sure, there's other light fittings (the one in the lounge room, nicked from a house Tops and Mouse used to rent comes a close second
), but this one, this one right here, is for The Dinghy!

we've decided it looks like a BreastRocket, due to it's rather round, pendulous nature, with five rockets or afterburners or whatever you call the bits that are stuck on a rocket and make them go whoosh. a BreastRocket with a rather unappeallingly spikey tip - I'd write the N-word (that ends with -ipple) but I'm not sure if that, combined with the B-word (that ends with -reast), would attract too many unsavoury types from Google. heh.

anyway, The Dinghy has wasted at least two beautiful smiles and a really nice Goo on the BreastRocket. should I be jealous of a light fitting? or accepting? it's a tough decision...

...this is Ground Control to BreastRocket.
permission to land has been approved, BreastRocket!

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