Tuesday, June 20, 2006

pissed off...

I'm getting really REALLY pissed off.

Did you know that there is a bill before the senate (it's passed the lower house) that will change some of the legislation surrounding voting. Apparently this isn't important.. because I can't find anything really in the media. The changes are summed up thus.. taken from the explanatory notes from the office of Eric Abetz these are the ones that particularly annoy me.. comments by me .. this document can be found here and the bill info is here

The bill contains provisions that will:
• increase a number of the disclosure thresholds to above $10,000 (with legislated Consumer Price Index increases) with effect from date of introduction of this bill; from what I can tell this is a raise from $1,500 - at the moment all donors who donate above that must be disclosed - with identifying address etc. To bump that up to $10,000 is so fucking dodgy. What are you scared of people?

• reduce the close of rolls period to provide that, in general, the roll will close at 8.00pm on the third working day after the issue of the writ. However, persons
who are not on the roll (with two exceptions, set out below) will not be added
to the roll in the period between 8.00pm on the day of the issue of the writ and
polling day. The exceptions are for persons who are not on the roll who are
either: 17 year olds who will turn 18 between the day the writ is issued and
polling day; or who will be granted citizenship between the issue of the writ
and polling day. Persons in these categories can apply for enrolment up until
the close of rolls at 8.00pm three working days after the day on which the writ
is issued; Basically if you are not on the roll, or your details are incorrect you have until 8pm on the day the election is called. Screw all young people and those who move or have unstable housing

• introduce a proof of identity requirement for people enrolling or updating their
enrolment by requiring that they provide their driver’s licence number on their
enrolment application. If they do not have a driver’s licence, the elector can
show a prescribed identity document to a person who is in a prescribed class
of electors and who can attest to the identity of the applicant. If an elector
does not have a driver’s licence or a prescribed identity document, then they
must have their enrolment application signed by two referees who are not
related to the applicant, who have known the applicant for at least one month
and who must provide their driver’s licence number; and for those of us who don't have a drivers licence? Maybe a tatoo on the back of my neck?

• provide for the automatic de-registration of all currently registered political
parties six months after Royal Assent, with exceptions for parliamentary
parties and parties with past representation in the Federal Parliament. Any
political party that is de-registered will be required to re-apply for registration,
and must comply with the current requirements in the Electoral Act, including
the existing naming provisions. Political parties that re-apply for registration
within 12 months of de-registration under this scheme will not be required to
pay the $500 application fee; Just GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

• amend the voting entitlement provisions so that all prisoners serving a
sentence of full-time detention will not be entitled to vote, but may remain on
the roll, or if not enrolled, apply for enrolment. Those serving alternative
sentences such as periodic or home detention, as well as those serving a noncustodial
sentence or released on parole, will still be eligible to enrol and vote; hello? What fucking country are we in now? Jesus Christ. Oh wait - these bad bad evil people won't vote for Howard anyways. And they don't need no rights those bad bad evil people

I could go on.. but I'll spare you... but I'm on the warpath Mr Howard, see the pic below, that's me. Watch out.

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