Saturday, February 17, 2007

Also a nice doggie...

Meet Darwin:

Shes a bit of blue cattle, and a bit of red, and a bunch of miscellaneous: all "rez dawg". She was found on part of the Navajo reservation with her two brothers, and now she lives at our house (well, we think so, shes still checking it out and deciding wether or not to stay.) Went in to see them and she plopped her head in my lap and fell asleep, and it was all over after that - as if it was ever in any doubt. They were calling her Kiri, which we didn't mind, but they gave us the forms with a blank for her name and left us for 5 minutes of brainstorming... we like the scientist (shes going to be a clever dog) and we like the place, so Darwin it is. (Nee Dari, but I know you wont mind Darius, once your mother gets used to the idea... think of it as a tribute!)

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