Monday, February 05, 2007

Aveline: Sydney Memorial Plans

the Aveline Light and Sound Spectacular moves from Melbourne to Sydney this week ;-)

Date: Saturday 10th February

Venue: Everglades Gardens,
37 Everglades Avenue, Leura.
(edited) We will be in "The Glades" picnic area, which is towards the back of the property for more privacy, and has no time limits on its use, aside from the grounds closing at 5pm. please ask at the gate for the "Aveline Memorial Picnic" and leave your name, and they will give you directions.
Everglades is a stunning National Trust property of which Aveline was very fond.

Wet Weather Venue: (edited) there are indoor areas at Everglades for our use, so there is no need to go elsewhere. when you mention our picnic at the gate, you will be directed to the correct area. we will make the decision on Saturday morning.

Time: (edited) 11:45am for a 12 noon memorial, to be followed by a picnic lunch under the trees as a relaxed wake - so pack a basket and come for the arvo. the walk from the parking area to The Glades can take a few minutes and has some uneven ground, so take care and plan for this.

Theme: Frangipanis, and pink. bring as many Frangipani as you can nick (without denuding the neighbour's trees!) and wear as much pink as you feel comfortable with
;-) feel free to bring Silly String to spray and games to play (the sort of games you'd play in a public park... ahem).

we will also be compiling a book of anecdotes, memories and pictures from anyone who'd like to write something or bring a copy of a photo (don't give us originals, keep them for yourself!). our plan is to scan the pages and create an eBook. for people who can't be here, we'd love it if you want to add your own page to the eBook - more details after saturday.

drop us a comment if there's something you need to know - or just to let us know you'll be there, and we can put your name on the list beforehand.

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