Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thoughts on Chicago

The hubby is off on an exciting business trip. All he has seen so far is airports. Currently he is attempting to get to sleep in Ottawa. Here are his thoughts on Chicago.

We are now in Chicago. This is the crappest, biggest airport in the whole world. The woman at the checkout told us so.

Flying into Chicago was surreal. All the streetlights are orange because of the fog. And the whole city is on a big grid pattern. So as you come in it looks like the streets are rivers of fire. Freaky. And what's more, the lights cast intense pools underneath but leave these sort of brownish shadows in between each pair of lights, so the motorways look like they are striped, like tiger snakes. Awesome.

The (airline) lounge in Chicago is so bad I had to go get US$ out and buy something to eat. The food on the flight was - no shit - KFC crispy strips with a lame salad. And this was business class. The cattle classers had to buy anything they wanted, including water, which they are not allowed to bring aboard. US domestic carriers seem to have a strange idea of good service.

He has also found it so cold that his balls are missing. Hopefully they are somewhere warm. Tomorrow he is off to explore and hopefully not freeze to death.

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