Monday, February 05, 2007

From the Morality Desk

Which is more fun: taking the piss out of gays or taking the piss out of Christians?

That's right: Christians!!!

In my experience, the people who best take the piss out of gays are gays. I mean, what can you really reply to some man who leaps out of a kitchen and proclaims loudly "I like cock!", apart from "Well... good on you"? Yet no man has jumped out of ANY room with a cry of "The Lord moves within me! ..No,I mean...ummm....I believe in something irrational and instantly contradictory!"
Find me a Christian man who thinks that professing their undying love to a big bearded guy whilst on you knees is sthuper hilarious.
See the problem?
Maybe they genuinely don't know how funny they are?

Dear Lovegodsway people,
Is your symbol in the top left a blob of golden moisturiser landing on an open palm? Or is it someone lighting a fart to the sound of one hand clapping?
Yes, God hates Fags! but what does Jesus say on the matter?
PS How is the whole 'helping the poor' thing going?

At the top of the website you'll see 15 photos. In the top right you'll see a guy who looks suspiciously like me, right next to my friend Steve "Lambchops" McGinty. I'd just like to set the record straight and say that I have never had a deeply personal relationship with a deity. It's not me.

Now, I realise that any of my readers, whom I don't know are, but actually are Christian might be feeling a little bit awkward right now. And might be a bit trepidatious about coming out to me on that front.
.....Isn't that funny?

Lovegodsway says: "Join Us in or efforts to rebuild the Moral Majority."
No. Join me in my efforts to rebuild the moral majority. This time with actual morality.

Enjoy the gay band list, guys.
Remember: God hates Fags!
And: God's a fuckwit.

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