Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aveline memorial plague bunny launch

After a highly successful day on the battlefield (war day on Sunday had results that were a little on-sided) as predicted by Nw who read the entrails of the sacrificial rabbit earlier that day, it was time to unleash the plague bunnies upon the populace. Destructomeg had found the best bunnies for the purpose. They were fluffy and had a little pouch in them, containing chocolate easter eggs. Of course these were plague bunnies and therefore had to deliver a plague in each one. Stig helped us come up with enough plagues so that each of the six were different. After the preparation work, it was off to find some victims. The world was our oyster!Right-o. Time to unleash some doom!
Prepare to eat plague fluffy bunny!

And you!
Prepare to receive fire!
Ah so cute and so plaguey.
This last shot into St Florians was the best by far (on the second time around). Although it worked well in rehearsal we had a little difficulty in delivering some of those bunnies but it was well worth it. It was a hoot and I think a fitting tribute. Would be fun to do again, except for the dragging the ballista around part of it.

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