Thursday, April 05, 2007

Once was a tablecloth...

Finding myself in the unusual position of being ready for Festival garb wise (it probably helps that I'm only going for market day, and not camping) I decided to make something for Gemma to wear. Some of you may recognise this as a former tablecloth, but fear not, I have only cut it down to fit the new table (sort of) and used the excess to make this mostly unmedjeval dress for Gemma. As she was asleep at the time, I thought I'd cleverly cut a pattern from clothes she wore and then try the finished product on her when she woke up. Like all cunning plans it went horribly wrong. I first realised that it wasn't going to work when I tried to get the bodice over her head, and it wouldn't fit. Oh crap, I thought, when did she get this big?

So then we got the under arm 'gores' or hastily sewn in bits of material so it will actually go around her.

This is the 'oh crap this material is too stiff to gather and I'm not going to do it by hand' pleat.

This is the 'oh crap it's not going to meet across the back' add in with the eye bits from a hook and eye set.

The ribbon is from a chemise whose sleeves I finally got around to cutting down, as is the incredibly dodgy baby chemise. I think if there was a prize for the most badly constructed baby outfit in the Laurel Prize tourney, I would be a shoo in.

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