Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter means...

the Show! it's all about the Show!

I love the Royal
Easter Show. oooh, how I love it. everyone has a memory of the Show, even if it's about whingeing long enough to be allowed a Cheese On A Stick and then throwing up on the rides later...

this year I had the absolute pleasure and sterling excuse (not that I needed one) to take The Dinghy for his first trip to the Show.

they've moved the Animal Nursery close to the main gates, presumably for better access. that's great... but it's gone from a wonderfully spacious, well-ventilated, purpose-built shed to a tent - with queueing in full sun. not a scrap of shade. and no room for strollers, you had to leave them outside and cart wee ones through on the hip. I'm hoping it's just temporary, because it all looked pretty stupid. no thanks.

just as well they had a few animals outside - Saanen goats, uber-fluffy Bantams, the squealiest pigs in the universe, a Clydesdale, some donkeys, and an imperious baby camel.

then we went through the displays, stopping to buy the 70th anniversary CWA cookbook and some jam. because you have to, you know.
I believe the judges of the district displays got it right this year, Northern Districts was fab.

the butterfly wings went up and down ever so slowly. extra points for technology! :-)

one of my traditions is to find the judging results scattered through the pavilions. I have a weakness for the ribbons. they're always folded, rolled or furled so beautifully.

I like a good ribbon, and I like a stalk of sorghum with me pulses.

next up was one of the most important things about the Show... the Rich Fruit Cake Competition. I believe wars have been started over lesser matters.

you can't see it here, but the heading on the display case read, "Non-Perishable".
enough said.

we waded through the arts section, which as usual varied...

from the sublime... to the ridiculous. and a little cuteness in between :-)

while The Dinghy was asleep, I nicked into the Showbag Hall of Infinite Mysteries and was about 9 again. except with more money. but also more discipline! strange how that works.

and anyway, there was no Little Miss Naughty or Powerpuff Girl showbags this year. curses.

left to right - The Dinghy's First Showbags (Bananas in Pyjamas and Play School), the Back To One's Childhood Traditional Junk Bags (Darrell Lea Licorice, Sunnyboys, Bertie Beetle), Seniors Card bag (a freebie for The Delightful Nanna), the ABC Organic Gardeners Bag (for the Speedboat). in front - the King Island Cheese bag, the CWA cookbook and jars of jam. the Grapefruit and Ginger Marmalade is a corker.

the best showbag item? has to be this -

don't want our children choking on their cups now, do we?

after a spot of lunch we ended the visit with a look into the Clydesdale stable. The Dinghy decided that horses were the most hilarious thing in the world. he doesn't want a pony, he wants a workhorse. maybe when you're a little older, my love. then we'll talk about a Percheron.

and finally, we got matching tatts -

bcos Aunty is Teh Coolness.

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