Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mardi Gras Mishap

It was a battle for honour and glory.
It was a clash of cultures.
It was an epic struggle between age-old enemies who could not be reconciled. Which IS better for Mardi Gras: Leather or Gold Lame?
Leonidas and the lads from the "Hairy is SO Very" float were firmly of the leather posing pouch camp, so to speak:

But Xerxes knew that it was all about bangles and gold sequins for his budgee-smuggler, and he had the float to prove it:

But what was this? That hairy greased-up band in their capes had stolen the coveted spot at the head of the parade!

Xerxes: Dahling, the janitors sweep up at the _back_ of the parade; move ya buns.

Leonidas: Shan't, sparkly boy, and you can't make me.

There was shoving, and shouting, and kicking, but Leonidas would not budge.

Xerxes: Oooh! You dirty little man! You make me SO angry! Golumn, send in the Ninja Clown Orcs!

NCOs: Rar!

But eventually they hugged and made up, and Mardi Gras found room for Leather AND Lame, together at last.

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