Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Book pr0n

From a friend of mine who works in Elizabeth's Bookstore, Newtown (the one with the quotes on the blackboard outside.) I thought passing on this juicy juicy piece of gossip to you bunch of incurable nh-herds would cause a stampede ...
...how ill all's here about my heart...

We also got in a really big pile of fantasy/supernatural themed romance novels. They are hilarious. Who knew vampires, werewolfs and shape-shifting dragons yearned for love as well? My personal favourite, though was 'Succubus Blues' - about a succubus, who, when she isn't stealing the souls of men through their wangs, works in a bookstore and has a crush on a 'sexy writer' named Seth. Bridget Jones et al. think they have problems - how much worse is it when you can't get a guy, not due to ugliness or social ineptitude like the rest of us, be because when you touch him you will suck out a piece of his SOUL. *dies*

Lastly, for all the zombie nyyyerds out there, we got in a book called 'Drawing and Painting the Undead'. I think no further comment is necessary.

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