Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yep. That was pretty damn frightening!

Hi everybody, this is crossposted from my LJ

So there we were, Persmonster and I, in IKEA and a really bloody big IKEA at that. 2nd largest in the world, apparently.

She's walking with me really well, so I wasn't too worried about having her in the trolly or attatched to me with the funky backpack she has. For the anti-leash people in the peanut gallery, I have a dicky knee. If she bolts, I'm screwed.

She bolted.

I took off after her and just as I had her at my fingertips, I dropped my wallet. So I quickly paused to pick my wallet up (I would be really screwed with no wallet in a place where I cannot communicate effectively) and when I stood up again, she was gone.

I couldn't find her and it's not as if I can just ask someone which way she went, or could anyone help me. So I started to panic, but it only attracted attention from people who could see I was distressed, wanted to help, but didn't know how.

And then an angel appeared in the form of an English speaking Chinese lady. And she said "Calm down, it's ok. This place is really secure, she won't get out. Tell me what she looks like". I gave her a description and she relayed the information to the IKEA staff and moments later, there was a big commotion and I was shuffled along and reunited with the escapee. I thanked the lady and she said "Besides, honey, you kinda stand out here. Where are you from?" I said "Sydney". She grinned and said "I used to live in Strathfield."

So after I got myself together, we got a few things, checked out and headed home.

And it hit me again that I'm not in Kansas anymore, when I passed a local who had a mattress and half a dozen flat packed boxes on his bicycle. Damnit! Where is the camera when you need it?

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