Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Not Jacob

Wandering wearily to bed after watching Australia's last Hopes (one for the cricket tragics) be dashed I settled in for a good night's snoring. Briefly I woke to pull a small child in pink pyjamas into the bed so she didn't yell in my ear all night and then turned over and went back to snoring. At about 11.20pm my SMS went off. Climbing groggily from bed I went to see what it was. Family emergency? But wouldn't they just call. LMH and harry drunk again, more likely but it is a school night so maybe not. No, it was someone looking for Jacob. The message was "Hey jacob you go to uni tomorrow?" My return message was terse and to the point - "Not jacob". I felt it summed up my feelings on the whole - not Jacob, was asleep, bugger off.

You would think that that might make them check the number they had for Jacob. But no, not long after I was back in bed, the SMS went off again. I sneered that Jacob had given them the wrong number and didn't like them, removed the baby from my pillow and fell asleep. This morning I checked the second message: "Will you be home tomorrow? I want to get the notes. Thx man." Will he/she ever get the notes? Could this be the end of a beautiful relationship? Will Jacob deny all knowledge of a text message? Why aren't they speaking in text speak? Should I send a message asking if Jacob was surprised, since you know, you sent the messages to me and I'm not Jacob? Should I pretend I have left the notes somewhere for them? The possibilities are endless. Inspired by TJ.

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