Friday, October 31, 2008

It's only a story

I love books and I love it that the child seems to enjoy them too.... But sometimes he takes it all a little seriously.

We have a book called "Wibbly Pig is Happy". It's a short 7 pager with a seemingly innocuous story....

But oh no... It turns out to be an emotional roller coaster!!

Starts off simple enough...
"Wibbly Pig is happy." (he's a the beach with his bucket and spade)
"Wibbly pig is busy" (he's making a sand castle)

And then it starts getting exciting...
"Wibbly pig is hungry" (he's got an ice-cream!!!)

And then it all goes wrong...
"Wibbly pig is surprised" (a wave has washed over his sand castle... causing him to drop his ice cream!!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!)

"Wibbly pig is upset. He needs a hug" (well you would if you'd dropped your icecream!!!!!!!)

"But a lick will do." (A little dog comes over to comfort Wibbly pig. Bugger that. What about the icecream!!!!)

"Wibbly pig is happy again" (Wibbly pig goes running off to play with his bucket and the dog runs after carrying the spade. So not only did he lose the ice cream, the dog has snatched the spade!!!!!!!!!!!)

It takes a while to calm him down after that book....

We also had a book called "Yo-yo's day" which was about a little dog leaping out of bed, gobbling up his breakfast, playing in the park, having a nap, then lunch then more play, bathtime, dinner time and then bedtime. The betrayed cry of 'No! Yo-yo' when the hero of the story went to bed was priceless.

Just shows you can get lost in a book at any age, I guess.

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