Thursday, May 05, 2005

Free Media?

From's email bulletin

Crikey's done it again – we've sparked another budget ban. It seems Treasury officials didn't much like it when we reported last week that two journos from the yoof website Vibewire were going to the budget lock-up. But instead of seeing the inconstency of their stance and letting Crikey in, got a call on Friday saying that its journos weren't welcome because Treasury is "tightening up the definition of mainstream media". So if you'd like to help Treasury boffin Ray Gavin get his story straight, email him at And apologies to Vibewire – it didn't deserve to get sucked into this petty stand-off.

'Mainstream' Media? Does that mean only Murdoch and Fairfax? And why should only 'mainstream' media be allowed into the lockup? Out-fucking-rageous. No wonder people in this country don't give a toss, the information they get is CRAP.

grrrrr *angry face*

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