Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fyodor's response

Total volume of music files on my computer.Zero. I have way too many CDs as it is, and there's not much out there that interests me enough for me to get into the downloading thing. If I like music I'll just buy it from a regular store and play it on my CD player.

Last CD I bought
Best of Bic Runga

Song playing right now

Been playing "Marlene on the Wall" a lot recently.

"Even if I am in love with you
All this to say, what's it to you?
Observe the blood, the rose tattoo
Of the fingerprints on me from you
Other evidence has shown
That you and I are still alone
We skirt around the danger zone
And don't talk about it later..."

5 songs that I listen to a lot

Aside from the song above, these have been on high rotation recently:
"Sexual Healing" Marvin Gaye
"Slave to Love" Bryan Ferry
"Inner Smile" Texas
"Love Removal Machine" The Cult
"Gravity" Bic Runga

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