Monday, May 30, 2005

The future...

People may have noticed that the Sydney Morning Herald has a new section... Campaign for Sydney

Today the Herald launches a campaign to fix Sydney. A campaign to fix its water, air, urban development and transport. It is time for a boldness lacking for 50 years.
Without that boldness Sydney is in danger of going nowhere fast, of squandering an enviable urban legacy and of severely curtailing our economic and civic success. This week we spell out how three decades of small thinking have brought us to a point where urgent action is needed. On Saturday we'll start on the solutions, many straightforward, many far-sighted.

What can I/we, as average citizens, do to help move this city into a healthy place? What can we do NOW rather than in 50 years time? And what are the issues that stop you personally from living as sustainably as you would like? How would you change these?

Personally, I feel I take water for granted, and often indulge in 2 showers a day which is a luxury. Also, I don't have a way to compost green waste, it goes in my rubbish. And although I don't drive/own a car, there are times when friends drive me home late at night, 15+ minutes of extra driving because it's a 30 minute wait on a cold train station.

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