Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Meg's turn....

Ok, well I've only got 5 gig worth of mp3s on my computer, 90% of which are ripped straight from CDs either I or a friend owns. I thought that there would be more.. but I guess I've only just started putting the classical stuff on there too.

Last CD I bought
Rachmaninov Vespers

Song playing on Radio Meg at the moment.. Dave Matthews Band doing All Along The Watchtower live at Red Rocks 1995

5 songs that I listen to a lot:
I mostly listen to Radio Meg (my entire collection on random) .. which seems to be right into The Beatles and PJ Harvey recently.

But songs I never get sick of include
Como Ves Ozomatli
Better Man John Butler Trio
Two Step Dave Matthews Band
Hallelujah - Just about anyone's version!
Anything at all by The Cat Empire

ta da! *grin*

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