Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm not into religion ...

so those ads about what Jesus said making sense really shit me. I'm not denying he may have had some moments of clarity, but then you could say the same about many people. Frinstance Pliny the Elder, Caesar, Sappho, Ovid, Marcus Aurelius, Akhenaten, and a host of other historical figures. Then I started to think of other examples you could use (can you tell I was on a trip to Canberra and the radio wasn't working?).

I came up with 'I'm not into warfare, but a lot of what Sun Tzu said makes sense'
'I'm not into Buddhism, but a lot of what Buddha said makes sense'
'I'm not into world peace but a lot of what Gandhi said makes sense' etc.

Then I started to get controversial. I wondered what the reaction would be to a woman or man of middle eastern appearance doing an ad saying 'I'm not into religion but a lot of what Mohammed said makes sense'. I imagine that would get a few complaints.

Or I'm not into mass starvation but a lot of what Mao said makes sense, I'm not into genocide but a lot of what Pol Pot said makes sense. Even, I'm not into Nazism but a lot of what Hitler said was still complete crap.

Unfortunately I don't think I can complain to the advertising standards board just because the ads annoy me. Typical religious ads, no unnecessary nudity or swearing that could get them banned. Bastards.

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