Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wrapped In Plastic

Ob and I went to see The Amazing Human Body show today. Usually the mirror is enough but we thought we would go further afield.
It was pretty amazing. 400 bits and pieces and 20 whole bodies, showing muscles, veins and organs in all thier ooogly glory. They have been 'plastinated', and looked real but didn't at the same time. It was kinda weird. The eyes were the spookiest bit.
They had several examples of soft tissue preservation. They inject arteries and the such with plastic, let it harden then remove the organic tissue so you are left with a coloured cast. It looks like coral.
There was a body sliced into 200 1cm thick slices and mounted with spaces so you could see into the cross sections.
There were a lot of kids there, which was good to see, but i wonder how many nightmares there will be in the next few days....?
It only goes till April 2nd, so if you get a chance, go see it.

We then had a nice bike ride thru the Olympic Park...its a very cool place, lots of interesting things.
We saw a few people tooling around on these rather pointless things. Cracked me up, and anyone who as seen the most excellent 'Arrested Development' will know why.

Stopped off at the Homebush Bay Brewary, thinking maybe they do their own beer. They don't, and i wouldn't really bother.
$4.50 for a plastic cup of New...pfft

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