Friday, March 31, 2006

my new favourite ad

(warning am typing one handed so Torbenspang can drool on my other hand as he watches the screen)

the other day I was innocently watching tv when an ad came on and started with "don't you wish you could lose those unwanted kilos just by changing your eating habits?" Oddly enough this wasn't a community service announcement to remind us of the basic principal of eat less kilojoules than you use. No, it was an ad for some hideous meal replacement milkshakey things. you know the type, just replace every meal with these delicious nutritious shakes and the fat will just melt away!
I get very annoyed with these type of ads (don't even get me started on the product)
Begin with something obvious and hope people don't notice what your selling is crap. Gatorade annoyed me with their 3hour ads that had a scientician talking about how kids need to be kept hydrated whilst playing sport and wuldn't ya know it, but gatorade's just full of hydrating stuff. My other favourite the add for ham in little convenient sachets that's gluten free. Can anyone actually tell me why they need to point this out. Is all other ham laden with gluten? Can I buy gluten that's ham free?
And that's my rant for the day!

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