Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ready, Normal People

Ages ago i heard the soundtrack of a Broadway puppet musical called Avenue Q- think Seasame Street Meets The Feebles. (thanks Megs and Harry) Its a total hoot and i hope it comes out here, though don't take the kiddies.
There is a song called The Internet is for P0rn, horribly catchy and you will find yourself singing it at work, trust me.
Some geeks have made a little video to it with emoting WOW Horde characters...very cute.
^the Horde the Horde the Horde the Horde *deep breath* the Horde The Horde The Horde...all together now...^

Despite media and popular beliefs i have much more in my life than just WOW. Work and gym and washing up and poking the ferret and leveling Weatherwax my Troll shaman to 40 and ...awww crap...nevermind

just watch it

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