Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another Great Idea Brought To You By For Battle

A few posts ago there was a discussion about food we ate as children, the treats, the favourites, the wierdness that the folks thought were a good child rearing idea at the time.
So Family Favourites Dinner was held last night with 9 hardy ForBattlers willing to delve deep into their subconcious to bring forth culinary delights, just how deep i'll let you be the judge.....

First dish was Tops pig head hock pate. Those wacky Dutch. He didn't use a head cause he thought it would gross us out. Once i found out that the oogly bits are removed before its boiled then minced, it didn't seem so bad. Though you could put sour cream on a eyeball and most people would eat it, or at least lick it off and feed the rest to the cat.

Top's pig foot pate...

DV's specially made leftovers explains alot about her really.

Spagetti, mince on toast with a egg poured on top...

Meg's outdid herself and we all were the winners. Made us wonder what it would have been like without the goldrush. Since the only taste of exotic most of us got was from the local Chinese place, with thier Sweet and Sour Pork, tinned Prawn Cocktails and deep fried Icecream, how differently our lives could have been.

Dim Sims and Potato Nubbins with gravy

Rob, whose family would take him out to exotic places around San Francisco, sometimes just didn't feel like Korean and wanted Maccas instead....suck it up Seppo!

Cheesy noodles, couldn't get anymore Yankee even with a Twinke on top.

Snerg totally cheated. 'Oh yes we used to use fresh pineapple on our fried ham didn't everyone...?!' Pfft tinned pineapple baby and you know it.

We will let it go this time...

Mr Nw's chicken wings in Fancy Pants sause, another case of a far to exotic upbringing.

What? tomato sause and Gravox too good for ya huh?!

Lemming trivet made by Mouse, perfect for dessert

Scrolly custardy thingy, tasted alot better than this photo shows. It somehow sucked out all the appetising looking qualities out...what a clever camera.

By the fine hands of Mouse....

Nothing brings back dear memories of childhood more than warm crumble and cheap goon

Speedy's apple and plum crumble with icecream, goon optional

Anything that suggests it to be diluted by Vodka is A-OK by me.
Anything named Glogg is A-OK by me too.

A word in your shell like kid...
I would really, really rethink this whole moving on to solids caper....just saying.

Now the observant of you will have noticed a couple of things.
1- Vegetables...what!!!??? Totally explains those several bouts of scurvy i had as a kid
(Mum, Dad if you are reading this..haha just jokes..see everyone is laughing)

2- Beige....why do childhood memories equate with with post-apocalyptic depression food?

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