Sunday, May 07, 2006

oh the shame of it all

At dinner last night, i made one of my favourite family desserts. Blackberry self-saucing pudding made from the White Wings packet. It's up there with Two-Fruits and custard as beloved family favourites. That and the recent SPAM discussion got me thinking about the food that you love that is so very very very wrong but so very very yummy.
From this I decided that everyone should just 'fess up and I'll begin.

Some of my secret shameful foods are;
baked bean, a little bit really finely sliced onion and cheese jaffles
curried sausages (using a Continental packet)
the two aforementioned desserts
fried sliced devon sandwiches with tomato sauce (haven't had it in a looong while)
Really dodgy sweet and sour pork from the really dodgy take-away places. It's the smell of the red sauce that does it.

Okay, that's all I can think of (and willing to admit to), so what's yours?

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