Thursday, May 11, 2006

'Something Can Be Done About It...'

yes its called flamethrower...

I hadn't looked through all the mail from the other day until Rob cried "What the fuck is a Scientology mag doing in our house??!!". Someone had placed a copy of 'The Bridge- Magazine of the Church of Scientology of Sydney- Issue 385 April' in our letterbox, hopefully as a cruel prank and not a serious attempt to piss off the neighbourhood.

I know abit about the MoonBats (as they shall now be known, even typing their name irks me), Xenu, volcanos, E-Meters, Tom Cruises, silent births ....whacka whacka whacka. But hey they are a religion so it follows they are illogical, hypocritical and inconsistant, goes with the territory. Thats ok.

I was reading there uplifting propoganda about their Volunteer Ministers (VM) rushing to Indonesia after the Tsunami and bringing order, love, counselling and crap massages to the traumatised masses in their bright yellow shirts.
Now i will happily admit that alot of religious groups do a hell of a lot of great charity work and i'm sure they did help with food, shelter and transport through the area. I did read that christian groups like 'World Vision' have codes of conduct outlawing proselytising, which if they follow the rules, i applaud them. The Moonbats have no such codes.

They mention that the numbers of VM's outnumber the three other largest volunteer groups- Peace Corps, Americorps and UN volunteers all put together. I guess if you belong to a cult everyone is a volunteer or its re-educatation for you.

They bang on about LRH tech, Touch and Nerve assist technology and teaching like, everyone in Aceh these amazing, life saving techniques. I wasn't sure what it was until i saw the pictures. Its some tool using 2 fingers to stroke the back and clear the 'channels'. Fark, some crap Reiki style lameness. If i'm going to get touched up by a cultist the very least i want a decent back massage out of it. Here kids you can try it at home...
I did not know the Moonbats used this kind of WOOWOO CRAP....why am i surprised...why!!??

New Orleans and the Pakistan earthquake victims were not spared Nerve, Contact and Touch Assists, ooh and Body Comms for the amputees and fractures....
AAARRRGGHHHHH how could these people be let near anyone injured and traumatised. Fine bring them food but don't pretend you can heal them. Its so wrong i can't even begin to start.

The only truly therapeutic agent in this universe is the spirit. In Scientology this has been demonstrated with more thoroughness and exists with more certainty than the physical sciences or mathematics. A Scientologist can help make an individual well and happy simply by addressing the human spirit.

Guess what, it takes only 2 week, yess 2 weeks to become a VM who is trained in technology to save a life, handle a addict ravaged by drugs, resolve a bitter conflict, rescue a marriage or relationship and a dozen other life skills...
Fuck, only 2 weeks for all this then you will be sent forth to misinform and irritate people the world over.
In the calender section on April 22nd there was Stress Testing- Your chance to disseminate to the people of Sydney. You will be drilled.
Is that like being pumped thoroughly in the debreifing room?

In case you were wondering they also are responsible for quelling the Cronulla uprising and restoring order.
A team of VMs assembled. Fully prepared to confront evil head-on they set out to blanket the riot affected area with copies of 'The Way to Happiness'.
'This is what it will be like when we get the planet cleared'

Spoon. Gag.

Though i am getting this tattooed onto my forehead

Update: I took the online test- fake name given though they can probably trace me via Thetan power.
Here is my chart, but i really need to see a trained instructor to work through my problems.

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