Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A gentle bloop sound ...

was all I heard before turning around and finding that Gemma had somehow slid into her bath in the sink, and was now looking somewhat bemused at finding herself completely immersed. She was probably only underwater for a second, just enough to give me a complete heartattack. I grabbed her out and wrapped her up in a towel and spent a few minutes trying to get her to calm down. I think she was more upset at being pulled out of her bath rather than being underwater. She certainly didn't worry when we went back to her bath in a more conventional position, head above water, supported by Mum.

There is nothing like making a really elementary mistake like turning your back on a baby to make you remember that even second time around you don't know it all. I have also discovered this morning that toddlers like fingerpainting with peanut butter. Getting it off the window and blinds will be enough of a challenge, much less getting if off the screen door. Gemma has just woken up, no more blogging.

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