Friday, August 04, 2006

milk. we love it.

I found a site called The Consumerist today, by following threads of a story posted over at Lavatus Prodeo. I posted about that at our brand-spanking new ForBattle! rip-off: For Rattle! Meg, can we put a link in the sidebar? I tried, but I failed to find where you do it.

anyway. the Consumerist. they had an article about milk, sparked off by the fact that Amazon now sells food. and one of the things they sell is milk. and of course, you can review it, can't you?

Reviews for Tuscan Whole Milk

fan-tastic. 313 reviews, and counting. here's a couple of favourites so far:

Pride of Tuscany: without prejudice
Reviewer: Jane (Austin, TX)
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk.

Believe the hype
Reviewer: R Moses
There's been a lot of talk on the streets lately about Tuscan Whole Milk: It refreshes, it invigorates, it folds, it spindles, it mutilates. Well let me tell you friends, all this is true and more! Tuscan Whole Milk cured my grandmother's scurvy! Tuscan Whole Milk tackled a pair of armed robbers who broke into my kitchen last night. Tuscan Whole Milk sat in with my band Friday night when our bass player got too drunk to play. Never in my life have I encountered an elixir so potent, so incredible, so MMMMMMMM-WAH! as Tuscan Whole Milk. Get some today, pour it down the front of your pants, and sit in it. Won't you?

Does not help web servers run faster
Reviewer: Scoots "Father of Four"
I was promised this Tuscan Whole Milk could increase CPU rates in web servers by a factor of a gazillion, as well as increase RAM refresh rates, extend RAID arrays, improve ethernet performance, make ASP pages secure, fix PHP exploits, prevent port probing and block script kiddies and DDoS attacks, as well as ensure no hardware failures would ever happen. After carefully drip-acclimating an entire farm of web servers over a 6 hour period with 18 gallons of milk (6 for each rack), I'm sad to report it doesn't stand up to any of those promises, and now I'm out of a job and a half million customers are gathering a lynch mob.

go and have a giggle.

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