Sunday, August 20, 2006

What Politician does your baby look like?

I swear it's a coincidence.

For Battle, now destined to be banned in North Korea (not that we've been there to check).

On a sadder note we buried our beloved grey and white cat Attila (aka Tiddle) on Saturday. His big adventure turned into his big adventure in the sky when he took on a car and the car won. He is now in the garden under a pile of rocks. Mainly so a curious toddler can't dig him up again, or steal the $1 coin we gave Tiddle for the Ferryman. We have been answering lots of questions about whether Tiddle is coming back for the rest of the coins on the kitchen counter (no Tiddle isn't coming back), is that Tiddle every time the cat flap bangs (no Tiddle is not coming back), or are we going to put Seffy in the hole we are digging now (no we are planting a tree and Seffy is still alive, she just sleeps a lot). There have been lots of tears, but D and I are getting better now. Fortunately Charlie seems quite happy and has already been out to say hello to Tiddle in his spot in the garden.

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