Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Train Seats

Whats with people and those folding train seats? You know; the ones where its facing one way, but if you pull the back across it will face the other way? (Those of you who don't take a train to work are just gonna have to trust me on this...) A couple of times a week at least I watch someone get on the train and come up to the following situation: 3 seats in a row, the ones on the ends with people on them, facing each other across an empty seat in the middle. And they move the seat before sitting down. Why?

I'm not saying I particularly care; it only bugs me because I just can't imagine whats going through these people's heads. Its not about sitting facing someone; theres someone facing you either way. Its not about facing forwards or backwards; it seems to go either way. (Its not even about me needing to shower more often, because they seem to move it to join me about as often as they move it away, when its even my seat.) Its not a huge amount of effort - though I've seen people put packages down to do it - but it is some. Why bother? All I can figure is its some kind of nesting behaviour, like cats circling before they lie down to make it all comfy.

Happened 3 times on the train home last night and it got me wondering. If anyone can explain it, I'd love to know.

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