Sunday, August 13, 2006

My cunning plan

Can you help?

Last year, DV held a baby shower and we were all asked to build a decorated fabric square to contribute to a patchwork quilt for the then proto-Torbenspang.

I thought this was a cunning plan!

But I have to take a plan to a nerdier level.

My plan is to create a wall hanging with a square for each letter of the alphabet. However, I don't want some boring "a is for apple, b is for ball" quilt. I want the nerdy alphabet. I want "c is for cryptosporidium, d is for deuterium... t is for trebuchet" sort of alphabet with appropriate pictures. I figure sproglings can learn the ordinary alphabet from ordinary books, but the nerdy alphabet could be a source of all sorts of questions and nerdy discussions for many years to come.

So I'm asking all my friends (ie you bunch of nerds, even though you may deny it) to design and create a decorated fabric square to the above theme, bright colours preferred. Choose whatever letter and word that takes your fancy depending on your own special subject. I'll keep track of the letters so that we don't double up.

I figure the design should be 15x15 cm with at least 2cm on each edge for sewing it all together. I don't think the finished quilt will get washed but perhaps check that your square is colourfast in cold water in case I need to handwash the hanging at some stage in its lifespan. Please include the letter in the design. The inclusion of the actual word is optional, but I figure I'll include a full key and list of who made what on the back.

If you are in Sydney, then I can supply some fabric and I can organise fabric paint if you need it. (although any medium is fine - applique, embroidery, paint, permanent texta...)

Feel free to post alphabet suggestions. Please let me know specifically if you want to claim a letter and build that square. I'll see who volunteers before I start specifically asking people to contribute. I'll build a seperate webpage to keep track of claimed letters.

I have no idea if a baby shower will be occurring but there are 3 babies due within a month of each other so any event is likely to be a combined affair. Since there is so much second hand baby stuff out there I'd rather have your creative gifts than a purchased one.



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