Friday, August 25, 2006

Reality TV looking hard to find a new low...

This is terrifying enough, but if you don't read it all then skip down the bottom for the list of other wonderful ideas coming to a small screen near you. Ten people kept from sleeping for 7 days straight... how long was it you said that radio host went Tops? Before he suffered from a total personality breakdown, left his wife, kids, and job and crawled into a cave somewhere?

Black. White:

This show for the FX Channel of the Fox network makes a black family white and a white family black with the use of expert makeup techniques. They go out in Los Angeles to record people's reactions.

The Farm:

In the Channel 5 show, 10 celebrities experience the "harsh realities" of life on a farm. Rebecca Loos', below, stimulating a pig caused a furore.

Who's Your Daddy?:

In the American Fox programme, one adult who had been put up for adoption as an infant has to pick their biological father from a group of 25 men.

Be My Baby:

Produced by the ABC network, the 20/20 show has five couples competing to convince a teenager that they would be the best adoptive parents for her baby.


The Channel 4 programme has 10 contestants going without sleep for seven days. £10,000 is deducted from the total prize of £100,000 if any of the contestants close their eyes for more than 10 seconds.

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