Sunday, January 18, 2009

The chickens ate my homework...:(

Well... not my homework... just all my lettuce and rocket seedlings. I've managed to save the rosemary, the lavender and the strawberries.... for now...

I am impressed at their ability to dig massive holes compared to their body size. I'm not impressed with where they chose to do it.

I've invested in some chicken wire, but I've run out of weekend to do anything useful with it.

In a vain hope to distract them from the little bit of new garden I have left, I've ripped up a chunk of old garden and dumped a bunch of compost on top in the hopes that it will get their chicky hearts all a flutter and they will dig it all through for me....

Then I'll plant new seedlings on that spot and fence it off.

Is it possible to outwit creatures without a brain...?

Apart from that, the ladies have been quite entertaining. I manage to catch at least one each day and the lad gets to have a pat. Three weeks to go until we see some eggs... Then we will really get excited.

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