Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Evil Plans

The fun thing about living on the other side of the world is that evil plans I hatch in the middle of a dark night occur about the same time as someone else is sipping their morning coffee in the sunshine.

Well DV and I were lamenting the fact that we don't drink enough cocktails any more. We then equated this fact that cocktail making is too easy and safe.

So, being inspired by the Tukeyrita and the Turkey-Alexander, I wish to put forth this challenge (yes Snerg this one is for you).

I challenge you Battelers to create a cocktail at your next party....
and the theme ingredient is: MELTED CHEESE.

Once this mission has been completed a new theme ingredient will be announced (please post photos, recipes, tasting descriptions and coroners reports here)

Snerg: I think I am still waiting for you to make a cocktail out of the "Sparrow Terrine" that I brought you back from France. Your failure has been noted.

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