Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tarte A La Vegemite (aka. Vegemite crumble)

As per a challenge put to me 12 months ago. Translated from French to Australian and for the first time EVER....

Vegemite Crumble

100g flour
75g sugar
100g butter or a little less
(some almond meal can be substituted in place of the flour)

4 granny smith apples
1 pear
500g rhubarb
1 banana
3 table spoons of honey
1tsp - 1 tbl. sp. Vegemite (depending on nationality of victims)
100g chocolate (can be left out)

Mix the flour, sugar in a bowl. With your fingers knead the butter into the flour mix until small granuals are formed. Mix the honey and Vegemite together.

In a small baking tray lay the rhubarb and pour the honey over. Followed this by the raisins, pear, banana and chocolate. Finally put the crumble on top and press lightly in place.

Cook for 45-60min at 210°C until the apples are cooked.

So, last year while in France I was challenged to create this gem of modern cuisine. However, I did not posses the culinary skills so I enlisted the aid of a master French chef who used her master skills to create this gem.

Today I experimented on my work colleges with this. So far no casualties...although some nearly died when they discovered that my description of Vegemite being "like" nutella was a little exaggerated.

Photos here

It doesn't beat beer, BBQ and the hottest one hundred...but it does pass the time.

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