Monday, September 26, 2005

Chicks Who Rock Part 57.

I finally got around to seeing 'Run Lola Run'. Not only is it a really cool movie but it has Franka Potente in it who made an appearance in CWR Part 55 for 'The Bourne Identity'. On the DVD cover was a sticker. The sticker was placed mostly over Franka and read: "Take home copy". Wouldn't that be nice?

I bought the Spiderbait greatest hits CD and DVD. It was a very pleasantly surprising walk down memory lane with many 'Oh, that was them?' and 'I remember this track!' moments. I don't own any of their albums and only know them from hearing them, as Fyodor will no doubt be happy to know, on JJJ.
Janet from Spiderbait, you had me at 'A booo booo booo boooo'. Her A booo booo booo boooo-ing in 'Stevie' is the single cutest thing I have ever heard. My knees turn into something made of rubberbands and molten chocolate. Combine that with her arsekicking bass work and you have a CWR.

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