Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Socratic debate for the new generation.

We hates blogses. Curse them. Yes, every blogs. All people with blogses.

No! No. It's not true. We likes blogses.

We don't like how blogses takes up hours every day, do we?

Learns new things all the time, yes we do.

We learn new ways to curse the stupid, cruel hobbitses.

But we gets to be funny. We promised.

Yes, funny. And we gets to show how much of a massive nerds we are! All the time!

But..but...we gets to talk to our friends.

Friends?! You don't have friends.


Monkeys! Monkeys on wings! Nothing can hide from them. Curse them.

Harry has heard of them. He does not want to see them. He does not want them to be.

We hates Swedeses.

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