Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who died and made me some angry famous guy?

It is four years this Sunday since the World Trade Centre collapsed and opened the War on Terror (TM).
Iraq was invaded to prevent weapons of mass destruction being passed to terrorists who would set them off in a US city.
The US authorities have repeated assured their public that they can cope with such an attack.
The best test of that ability to respond occured recently with a hurricane called Katrina and a city called New Orleans.

Americans! Your government is lying to you.
Either the War on Terror (TM) is not being taken seriously by the authorities or the citizens are not being taken seriously by the authorities. Either scenario is treasonable.

Operationally, how are flooded streets different to rubble or panic choked streets?
They aren't.
If they cannot deal with water I guarentee that they cannot deal with radioactive rubble or poison-gas panic.
The disaster plan that should have been prepared and perfected during these last four years should have swung into action for New Orleans. An attack by a weapon of mass destruction will necessitate the evacuation of a city. The people will flee whether the governement wants them to or not, so better to have evacuation as a given.Where are the tent cities? Where are the helicopters? Where are the columns of emergency relief vehicles?The response you can expect from your government to a WMD attack is what you have seen in New Orleans. You have been betrayed.

Your government has spent tens of billions of dollars in the name of the War on Terror (TM) yet this 'war' is simply not being taken seriously. To spend tens of billions of dollars not in the interest of your country is treason.
To let the citizens die and suffer is also treason.
Take your pick.

Americans! That money is YOUR MONEY. Those lives are YOUR LIVES. The government is meant to work FOR YOU. Government's number one job is to secure the safety of its citizens. The citizens are not beholden to them: they are public servants. They are beholden to the citizens.
Your government says that America will prevail and that it will stand!
What is a country if it is not its people?

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