Thursday, July 27, 2006

Community Service Announcement

Warning Will Robinson - David Hasselhoff has a video out to accompany his rendition of Jump in my Car. Watch at your own peril. Wulfers and I were unlucky enough to be watching Video Hits (we were channel surfing honest) when it came on. Not knowing the dangers we watched it for a laugh. It's interesting how the video clip revisits the 'glory' days of Knightrider and Baywatch, as if to remind everyone of who he is. But that's not the yukky bit. Even the girl he's trying to pick up who is young enough to be his daughter isn't the yukky bit. Oh no, it's the (urrrhhhhhh I'm shuddering just thinking about it) pelvic thrust. There I've said it. The image is burned onto my brain. I have never seen anything that could make both Wulfers and I simultaneously feel really grotty and not in a good way. Wulfers later said it was like someone had told the Hass to test out his hip replacement or something. It is wrong in so many ways. So you've been warned.

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