Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Would you like a jelly baby?

Just finished watching the season finale of Doctor Who, and no i'm not going to give away anything...much.
I will admit there was a hint of a tear in this old girl's eye, but I cry reading the back a cereal packet so don't read anything in to it..much.

I have totally warmed to David Tennent, but I even hadn't finished warming to Chris Eccleston. There is only so many school girl crushes I can keep going at once, sheesh, Its getting crowded in here.

Everyone loves a Final Battle for Earth Itself, bravado, taunts 'my evil plan is waaaay better than your evil plan, so ner ner'
Nemesis V Nemesis.... but which ones?
My lips are sealed, until they are not.

Sontarans....hmmm maybe
This guy still gives me the heebies even after 20 years. I remember him having tied Sarah Jane (yes?) to a rock and taking his helmet off for some evil gloating. Freak.Me.Out

The Silurian's.
Probably still pissed about Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart destroying thier base, so I imagine revenge would be sweet. They also have that cool third eye thing.

A bit of Master.

The Doctor has been lacking in the whole dashing evil genius to match wits with...shame really. Everyone loves a villian they secretly admire and want to hang out with.
There was a bit of crush action happening in our house over the Master, as i recall.

Who the hell are these guys??

Its not these bobble heads or 'Ice Warriors' as may rather be known by, I'll give ya that for free.


Cutest. Monsters. Ever.

So I hope this rambling, barely held together post helps....
It is just an excuse to look at Dr Who stuff, and pretend its for the greater good.

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