Monday, July 17, 2006

Suddenly feeling very safe and sound

My best friend from high school lives in Israel with his wife and son. I got this email from them today after spending several worried days as the area they live in (Haifa) is being bombed.

Hi all,

Just a very quick update, we are all fine, Hezbollah has been bombing Haifa and the area all morning so we are in a kind of protected/secure room - safe and sound though - nothing has really been close to us, although we've been hearing warning sirens and bombs all morning. Really really not pleasant...we are waiting for the all clear from the army to leave the shelters and then we will head for the safety of Jerusalem - where their rockets can't reach. For those who don't know my mum arrived here on Friday morning for a two week vacation - not quite what she expected I don't think! But she's holding up very well so far...

Anyway, will get back to the shelter and hopefully we'll be in Jerusalem soon - never thought I'd be saying that we're heading for the SAFETY of Jerusalem! Oh well...anyway will update you all soon. Take care meantime...

My thoughts to all those in the world today who need to find a safe place to be. I wish I could help more.

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