Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ampersand Duck tells it like it is

sister, you rock.

carry on, and don't forget to enroll and/or update your details!


here's the current GetUp Enrollment Campaign -

Voting Is The Best Revenge! "The Federal Government has passed extraordinary legislation that will close the rolls for new voters at 8pm on the very night the election is officially called - known as issuing a writ. Last Federal Election, the AEC received a total of 423,975 enrolment cards in the week between the announcement and the close of rolls. 78,816 of those were new enrolments. But this time people won't get that chance."

and this is the direct link from the Australian Electoral Commission's website where you can check your enrollment details -

I have always believed it is both a privilege and a duty to have the right, and the opportunity, to vote. don't waste yours!

/rant :-)

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