Thursday, September 20, 2007

I really liked this sign off...

This is from a blog I came across today while blog surfing. Unfortunately he stopped posting in June, and has deleted most of his posts. But it just tickled me the way he explained himself, and I'd love to know what Nigel did.

"It's one thing to run out of interesting things to say - but what if you didn't have anything interesting to say in the first place?

Writing this blog has felt a bit like that over the past three and a bit years. I've showcased my ignorance, my naievety, my prejudices, my desires. I've straddled the fine line between famewhoring and anonymity like a confused puppy, and had to deal with the consequences.

I have grown up through this blog and learned many things about myself through writing it (then going back and judiciously editing). But walking away is long overdue. I'm not impressing anybody by continuing, and there is no point in doing so. This blogging caper has run its course, for me at least.

Why? This isn't fun, challenging or exciting anymore. And I don't feel what I've written here previously is representative of who I am today. Hence, I've deleted most of the posts.

I'd like to apologise to any people I've bewildered or offended over the years - except Nigel. He can still go and fuck himself."

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