Friday, September 28, 2007

Pretty Lady Friday

Andrew's post reminded me to tell you about Brenda's Babes.

Brenda is known tangentially to me through a friend in Chicago, Phineas. She has an amazing collection of vintage pin-up, the pictures are great and she fills out the historio-artistic background.

This incidentally is one of the reasons (there are lots) why the whole "cult of the amateur" snobbery about blogs is so ill-conceived -- I have access now to expertise on topics I never even knew existed, pre Web 2.0. I've also been enjoying Mad Men (which will be on free TV in Australia, like, never so get downloading) so overall am really grooving to that 50s/60s aesthetic.

The reason behind the blog is to mobilise teh innertubes to vote for Brenda in a competition to win USD20,000. Watch her video. If you feel inclined you should VOTE -- unless you feel inclined to vote for one of the others in which case you absolutely under no circumstances should vote. Either way, go look at the pretty laydeez anyway.

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