Sunday, November 25, 2007

because Antony Green is NEVER wrong!

as much as it's possible to have a crush on a Political Analysist...

I heart Antony Green.

to quote the ABC website -

Antony has worked on ABC election coverages for 18 years. He has worked on every federal, state and territory election since his first election with the ABC in Queensland in 1989. He has appeared regularly on camera since the 1993 Federal election, when he was the first to call the return of the Keating government. In all Antony has covered almost 40 election nights with the ABC. The 2007 federal election will be the seventh he has covered.

Antony has a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computing, and a Bachelor of Economics with honours in politics. Before joining the ABC he worked as a data analyst in the computing industry, and for a polling company. Antony designed the ABC's current election night computer system, which has set new benchmarks in the speed and accuracy of result calls.

go Team Nerd!

that is all.

Postscript: apparently he was at the same school as a few of ForBattle! people. go Team Uber Nerd!

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