Monday, November 19, 2007

Your own how-to-vote card

The year long election campaign is almost at an end, and shall be celebrated in style with the over-consumption of Turkey. However, before the turkey consumption we must all front up to our local polling place of choice, make some marks on a piece of paper, put it in a box and trust in the process of democracy to give us the government that we want.

Unfortunately it can be hard to determine, with all the political spin, towing of the party line soundbites and media manipulation, which government is the one you want. More importantly, in a democracy based on electorates you are really voting for your local candidate, no matter how much the two major parties are trying to convince you that this is a presidential style election.

So, how do you sort out your extreme left candidate, from your save the children and families christian candidate, and what do they really think about nuclear power, spending on education, and the state of health care? Bring on a brilliant idea by Get Up! the "How should I vote?" page. You answer 20 questions about various issues. They have rung your local candiates with the same 20 questions. This then generates a list of the candidates that share your views on those issues. Maybe, one day, we might get better representative democracy. This can only be a good step in that direction.

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