Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I know I'm getting all political on your arse...

but if you can't throw back your head and crow at the dawn of a new beginning, when do you get to crow?

I heart Keating.

It was tempting to quote the whole article but I'll just give you the tastiest bit -

He said Mr Howard's social agenda had damaged the country, and he had mis-stated his government's economic performance.

"Saturday night's victory was not just a victory for the Labor Party; it was also a victory for those Liberals like Malcolm Fraser, Petro Georgiou and Judi Moylan, who stood against the pernicious erosion of decent standards in our public affairs," Mr Keating wrote.

"The Liberal Party of John Howard, Philip Ruddock, Alexander Downer and Peter Costello is now a party of privilege and punishments. One that lacks that most basic of wellsprings: charity."

Mr Keating said Mr Howard had not taken advantage of the economy's growth or the improvement in relations with country's like Indonesia.

"In the end, Howard didn't understand how great his opportunity was and how it could not be advanced by regressive and reactionary policies fuelled by social exclusion and division," Mr Keating said.

"Let us hope the Liberal Party purges itself of its reactionary majority, for Australia cannot afford another prime minister like John Howard."

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