Friday, November 02, 2007

Woo as they say Hoo

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The idea is those with the money or connections can access this secret highly illegal facility where they can basically fulfill their greatest fantasies. Most people assume that means sex—and on an occasion it does, because that is a lot of people's fantasies—but it's basically scenarios. They can basically reenact scenarios of romance, adventure or anything perfectly, because they become the person that you want them to be—they become that person. They don't act like that person, they are not a robot pretending, they become that person, and then they forget all about it. The problem is the character of Echo, Eliza Dushku's character, stops forgetting. She doesn't completely remember, but she does realize she is a person, and that she might have been a person before she did this, and she doesn't know what that is.

equals Harry wetting himself.*

it's called Dollhouse.

there's also a post and thread on Whedonesque.

you know it's going to be good, so you know it's going to be canned, but at least there's going to be seven episodes. seven! that's almost whole DVDs-worth! ForBattle will never leave the house!

* and I mean that in a caring, supportive way.
probably more supportive once he's changed his pants.

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