Monday, November 26, 2007

The day that was turkey-riffic!

The appearance this morning of the turkey care package from CoznOb reminded me that I was going to impress you all with the wonders that was Turkey Day 07 (aka the-bastards have-left-us- and-gone-overseas-but-we-shall-still-eat -our-own-body-weight-in-turkey day)
I'm distcinctly bad at writing in full senstences so all I shall say is

there was enough Turkey to feed a small army

There were a billion children running up and down the hallway

There was election watching

There was mashed potatoe and corn and salad and everything...all to justify the meal as healthy and distract others from the amount of turkey you had on your plate.

There was Chardonnay being sipped

There were desserts and cupcakes.

There was the talking to Coz n Ob using the magic of the interwebs...made the day seem a bit nicer to be able to chat to them or hear their voices drift in from the other room.

There was much fun and frivolity and It always makes me kinda thankful I have such triffic friends.

oh and there was Team Turkey!!

(blame Snerg for the shirts)

(lots and lots and lots of thanks to megzz and snerg for letting me have this huuuge 'cunning plan' at their house and the getting of the turkeys and the having to deal with the mess and everything! The turkey gods smile upon you)

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